Al Khairia Towers

The first landmark of its kind in the capital, Al Khairia office towers comprise 14 floors. With their solid, balanced architectural altitude, they convey magnitude, strength, and integrity – values that are reinforced by education and enjoyed by the wise and knowledgeable.

Al Khairia walls have witnessed a majestic history that began in 1976 when King Faisal Foundation was founded to continue the philanthropic mission of King Faisal. The foundation implements various charitable, social development, and educational programs in honor of his name and guided by the vision he put forth during his lifetime. King Faisal Foundation has also played a key role in highlighting the Kingdom’s presence on the world’s cultural map. Among its initiatives is the annual King Faisal International Prize for awarding achievers in education and science – fifteen of whom have proceeded to win Nobel Prizes – and recognizing their contribution to humankind and society.