Al Khozama Management Company, the proud owner & operator of Al Faisaliah, home to Al Faisaliah Mall, Tower, Hotel, Suites & Al Khozama Hotel, It is with great pleasure that I bring you Al Faisaliah District Magazine, our new integrated business & lifestyle magazine within Saudi Arabia.

In a bid to support our strategic partners, tenants & stakeholders, we have developed this new vehicle that will provide a modern means of communications with our potential business & consumer communities within the retail, hospitality and corporate sectors. Additionally, the publication will add value by providing you with a contemporary platform for you to engage with the district.

Al Faisaliah District Magazine is available in English & Arabic throughout Al Faisaliah District as well as selected strategic venues across the Kingdom. If you would like a digital copy directly to your email, please E-mail us at: and please click here to view our Al Faisaliah District Magazine first edition and click here for the AFD Magazine second edition.